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Port of Moerdijk (hereinafter referred to as POM) applies a number of rules within its ports. Below is a selection of the current rules:

Traffic Rules

National traffic regulation is applicable at the POM site.

These are clearly indicated by means of signage along the road.

Transport of goods

At POM, goods are transported using three methods: by road, rail and water. Railroad crossings are marked.

Overnight stay

Staying on the POM site overnight is not permitted.

Outside the gates of POM, various options are available for spending the night. The closest are listed below:

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De Gouden Leeuw Hotel-Restaurant


Moerdijkseweg 1

4765 SJ

Zevenbergschen Hoek


Route to de Gouden Leeuw


logo restaurant kanters

Kanters Restaurant


Steenweg 2

4781 PA



Route to Kanters



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