MMMR assumes its responsibility in safety, environmental and health matters. Numerous regulations have been introduced based on legislation that applies to every person planning to enter the MMMR site. We would like to share the following regulations:

Opening hours and registration

MMMR is open for receiving freight between 8 AM and 3 PM.

Before you can enter the MMMR premises, you must first register with the MMMR Guard. You must hand over the correct documentation (see our Documentation page).

If everything is in order, you will be able to enter the MMMR site and unload your cargo.




MM Metal Recycling weighs, inspects and samples E-Scrap from discarded materials, also known...

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Process from delivery to payment

As a sampling facility for E-Scrap of Mitsubishi Materials, MM Metal Recycling BV is establi...

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Copper Scraps

We not only collect E-Scrap, but also Non-Ferrous Waste, Non-Ferrous Metals, “Copper Scrap”...

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