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For People, Society and the Earth

We are committed to the Mitsubishi Materials Group Philosophy "For People, Society and the Earth" and strive to create a better future. We do this, in part, by supplying basic materials that are indispensable to the world. The extensive scope of our operations encompasses the manufacture of resources, high-performance processed products, basic and new materials, engineering services and resource recycling.

In our operations, we endeavor to make the most efficient use of resources and raw materials. To contribute to a sustainable world, we have adopted a circular economy approach.

Enhanced Research en development efforts for our unique and distinctive technologies and products allow us to respond to increasingly diversified global needs that require superior products, services, and solutions.

Through fair business operations we promote innovation that addresses the emerging global challenges of technical innovation, information technology advancement, globalization and enhanced environmental awareness. We aim to meet the expectations of our diverse stakeholders and contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Our Vision, Values and Code of Conduct

The Mitsubishi Materials Group Philosophy is implemented  through our ‘Vision’, ‘Values’ and ‘Code of Conduct’. Every Mitsubishi Materials Group employee is expected to align their conduct with these principles and act with integrity.



We will become the leading business group committed to creating a sustainable world through materials innovation, with use of our unique and distinctive technologies, for People, Society and the Earth.

Our Values


Respect Diversity and Teamwork
We want to stimulate innovation through teamwork by creating an environment of self-improvement whilst always respecting diversity.

Act with Integrity, Speed and Determination
We are committed to act with integrity above all, also with speed and determination to overcome difficulties.

Tireless Efforts to Meet the Needs of our Customers and Society
We will continue to unite our efforts to identify what is material for our customers and society and to provide superior products at fair price.

Order of priority

'SCQDE' (see below) demonstrates the order of priority of our business decisions. In providing customers with our products & services, we should thoroughly fulfil the SCQ at first and satisfy D. We believe we will obtain the trust of customers and society by continuously executing SCQD in good faith, which will produce a reasonable profit.


Code of Conduct

Article 1 - Respect Human Rights

We will respect human rights of all
1-1 We will contribute to the creation of a free and equal society.
1-2 We will eliminate discrimination and respect the dignity of each individual.
1-3 We do not tolerate child labor or any other forms of forced labor.
1-4 We will create a pleasant and comfortable work environment.
1-5 We will strive to achieve and maintain work-life balance.
1-6 We do not tolerate any forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, abuse of authority, and any discrimination related to pregnancy, childcare, and nursing care leave.
1-7 We will build and maintain good labor relations on the basis of sincere dialogue and mutual trust.

Article 2 – Safety First

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our stakeholders.
2-1 We will continue to make maximum efforts to prevent occupational accidents and to ensure health and safety of employees.
2-2 We will strive to prevent accidents, including fire, explosion and spill, and mitigate risks presented by natural disasters.
2-3 We will provide safe products, services, and solutions to society.

Article 3 - Compliance

We will comply with all laws and regulations where we operate and conduct fair business activities in good faith.
3-1 We will conduct our business with integrity in compliance with all company rules and standards.
3-2 We will work in the best interests of the company and not for personal gain.
3-3 We will comply with all applicable competition laws and regulations and ensure free and fair competition.
3-4 We will conduct fair and responsible advertising, promotion, and marketing activities.
3-5 We will look to create mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and business partners.
3-6 We will comply with all applicable import and export laws, regulations and proper procedures to ensure the responsible control of trade for our products and technologies.
3-7 We will provide information in a timely manner as well as protect intellectual property rights, personal information and customer data.
3-8 We will take utmost care in handling inside information and comply with all related laws and regulations.
3-9 We do not infringe on third party intellectual property rights or misuse information with property value.
3-10 We will offer and/or receive gifts and entertainment in a responsible manner and will not gain any form of improper advantages for business.
3-11 We will make charitable donations as determined by management, based on careful examination of its social nature, public need and impact.
3-12 We will co-operate with governments in a fair and responsible manner to facilitate development of proposed legislation which may affect business interests. Any political donations will comply with the law.
3-13 We do not tolerate any financial dealings and/or any arrangements with groups that make illegal demands and unreasonable demands of the company.
3-14 If we are in breach of any law, regulation or social norm, we will quickly implement corrective actions.
3-15 We will construct and implement a sound corporate governance system.

Article 4 - Mutual Prosperity

We will contribute to the development of each region and build a harmonious relationship of mutual prosperity with local communities.

4-1 We will work to build and maintain good relations with local communities where our business has an impact.
4-2 We will respect the religion, culture, custom, language and values of local communities where our business has an impact.
4-3 We will engage in an active dialogue and interactions with the local communities and work to gain accurate recognition of our business based on mutual understanding.
4-4 We will engage in social contribution activities in various fields, including culture, education and welfare.

Article 5 - Environmental Management

We will work to manage our environmental impact and promote decarbonization, make efficient use of natural resources, and accelerate recycling.

5-1 We will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and make continuous efforts to eliminate pollution.
5-2 We will engage in the development design, and production of environmentally-friendly materials and products.
5-3 We will enhance resource and energy saving, waste reduction as well as the reuse and recycling of end-of-life products.
5-4 We will promote the transition to decarbonization through our business operations to prevent significant climate change.
5-5 We will strive to make effective use and conservation of water resources.
5-6 We will be more considerate of biodiversity and work to live in harmony with nature.

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