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MM Metal Recycling BV
in The Netherlands?

As a sampling facility for E-Scrap of Mitsubishi Materials, MM Metal Recycling BV is established in The Netherlands for customer satisfaction. Numerous customers across EMEA have chosen MMMR to...
→ Get Quick Assay Results
→ Minimize the Risk of Price Fluctuation
→ Simplify Transportation
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Get Quick Assay Results

You can obtain assay results and our purchase price more quickly because we take samples in Netherlands prior to delivering materials to Japan.

Samples taken at MM Metal Recycling BV are shipped to our laboratory in Japan by air. You receive assay results and payment around 1.5 months after your delivery to MM Metal Recycling BV.


Minimize the Risk of Price Fluctuation

Quotation Price (QP) is settled by the month of delivery to MM Metal Recycling BV.
By shortening transportation time from dispatch to arrival, you can forecast the relevant QP more precisely and minimize the risk of price fluctuation.

Simplify Transportation

Transportation from MM Metal Recycling BV to the Smelter in Japan is arranged by MM Metal Recycling BV.

This means that you do not need to arrange containers for cargo.

While some customers deliver materials by containers to Rotterdam and deliver to MM Metal Recycling BV by truck, almost all the customers deliver exclusively by truck.

Almost all clients will not need to secure sea containers in this competitive market, and simply arrange truck delivery.

MM Metal Recycling collects samples from E-Scrap delivered by our customers and sends these to our laboratory in Japan.

Here, samples are analysed, and you soon receive assay results and the final amount.

From delivery at MM Metal Recycling BV to payment, takes about 1.5 months!!

Process from delivery to payment

The process is as follows:

  1. Reservation and Shipment
  • Please make a reservation more than one week prior to delivery through our ‘MEX’ online platform.
  • On the day of delivery, please deliver materials with the prescribed documents (these can be printed from MEX).
  1. Weighing
  • Weigh the materials using a truck scale or a platform scale.
  1. Inspection
  • An inspector will visually check the weighed materials to confirm that they are acceptable.
  • We also determine the appropriate sampling method according to properties and shapes of the material and measure Moisture Content at MM Metal Recycling BV.
  1. Sampling
  • Sampling is performed using a variety of methods according to the nature and shape of the raw material.
  • We select the most appropriate of three sampling methods for each type of scrap material (two types of auto sampling methods and manual sampling method).
  • The auto-sampling system is a fully automated process that covers the entire process from material loading to representative sample extraction, enabling objective sampling with no need for human intervention.
  1. Sample Preparation
  • Collected samples for assay are prepared for analysis by crushing and dividing.
  1. Shipping Samples by air 
  • The collected samples for assay are sent to our analysis laboratory in Japan by air. This takes three to four days.
  1. Analysis (by MMC Japan)
  • The prepared analysis samples are analyzed according to ISO standards.
  1. Reporting of Analysis Results (by MMC Japan)
  • We report the analysis results through MEX.
  1. Payment (by MMC Japan)
  • Payment is made based on the analysis results.