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MM Metal Recycling BV

MM Metal Recycling BV, part of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC), was established in June 2016 with Hanwa Co. Ltd. to expand collection of E-Scrap across Europe. The company has constructed a sampling center at which it receives, inspects, and samples E-Scrap, and carries out other operations.

Expanding the collection of E-Scrap from the European region

Taking advantage of the Mitsubishi Process in Naoshima Smelter & Refineryfor continuous copper smelting, MMC has significantly expanded E-Scrap receiving and processing capacity in recent years. In April 2016, MMC and Onahama Smelting and Refining Co. Ltd. reached a combined E-Scrap receiving and processing capacity of approximately 140,000 tons per year and was ranked #1 in the world. Following completion of the MM Metal Recycling sampling center, capacity increased to approximately 160,000 tons per year.



The MM Metal Recycling Sampling Center increases E-Scrap receiving and processing capacity and significantly shortens E-Scrap valuation times. Operations from E-Scrap reception to sampling are undertaken within Europe, enabling MMC to respond to customers’ need for prompt valuation results.

The ‘MEX’ E-scrap carry-in reservation web system, part of our customer service offering, was launched in December 2021 and is also available from MM Metal Recycling BV. The purpose of this system is to help customers communicate with us more smoothly.

Guided by Mitsubishi Materials Group's corporate philosophy, our aim is to become "the leading business group committed to creating a sustainable world through materials innovation, using our unique and distinctive technologies for People, Society and the Earth." The Metals company will continue to contribute to the development of sustainable society by recycling valuable metals, in order to achieve this vision.

Order of priority

'SCQDE' shows the order of priority of our business decisions. In providing customers with our products & services, we should thoroughly fulfil the SCQ at first and satisfy D. We believe that we will be able to obtain trust from customers and society by continuously executing SCQD in good faith, and this will produce a reasonable profit.