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You can rest assured that your e-scrap will be processed in a sustainable way, thanks to our unique smelting process.

Recycling is becoming an increasingly important aspect of creating a sustainable future. Fortunately, more and more people are realising this. It is no surprise that reusing materials is playing an increasingly significant role. After all, raw materials are becoming scarce while, at the same time, the global population and the demand for materials are growing.

Rising consumption also means a rise in the quantity of e-scrap. By removing valuable and renewable materials from your e-scrap MM Metal Recycling B.V. is able to give the metals it contains a new lease of life. In an environmentally-friendly and rapid way, with sustainability being at the heart of our work.

Valuable raw materials get a new lease of life

MM Metal Recycling B.V. takes delivery of e-scrap from discarded electronic devices and then inspects and samples it. E-scrap often contains renewable raw materials such as gold, copper, palladium and silver. This is also known as 'urban mining'.

E-scrap sampling centre in Moerdijk

E-scrap from numerous businesses is delivered to our Sampling Centre in Moerdijk. After it has been inspected, we take samples which are sent to Japan for analysis. That analysis forms the basis for the price you receive for your e-scrap.

Processing bulk e-scrap

We also process bulk deliveries of e-scrap. We then arrange transportation by ship to our smelting plants in Japan. There we smelt the e-scrap using our unique and energy-neutral process to form reusable materials.

MM Metal Recycling B.V.: the central collection point for e-scrap

You can find us in the Moerdijk port and industrial area. It is there that we have operated the European e-scrap collection and inspection point for our parent company, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, since 2016. We collect e-scrap from Europe and Latin America. Together with our parent company we are the market leader when it comes to recycling e-scrap.

Proud member of the Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation started its metal-related activities in 1873. For more than a century Mitsubishi Materials has supplied (reclaimed) materials to numerous industries. In doing so, our main aim, for 150 years already, has been to 'do good' for people, and the environment and society.

The unique and sustainable Mitsubishi smelting process

With 160,000 tonnes of e-scrap per year, we are the largest processor in the world. We also want to be a leader when it comes to sustainability. That is where our patented Mitsubishi process plays a role. It is a unique way of smelting precious metals. This closed system allows us to smelt precious metals down into reusable products in a climate-neutral way. At the end of the process we will have caused almost no impact on the environment. You can read more here about our sustainable smelting process.

You too can process your e-scrap in a CO2-neutral way. You can read how we do this here.