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In order to transport freight to MM Metal Recycling B.V. you need a variety of shipping documents. You can find the most important documents here stop.

Before you can transport freight to MM Metal Recycling B.V. you need a variety of shipping documents. The following is an overview of the most important documentation.


CMR stands for ‘Convention relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par Route’ (Convention concerning the Agreement for the International Carriage of Goods by Road). The CMR Convention is a treaty between European countries and a number of countries outside Europe related to legislation governing  goods transportation by road. A CMR consignment note complies with international CMR convention guidelines. This consignment note is a document linked to a specific shipment, describing what the carrier is transporting from A to B on behalf of the shipper.


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Companies which collect or transport waste (industrial or hazardous) on a professional basis or which arrange for disposal or recovery of waste (industrial or hazardous) for others must be registered on the Dutch list of collectors, transporters, dealers and brokers of waste (VIHB-list). Not only Dutch companies, but also foreign companies carrying out these activities in the Netherlands should be registered on the VIHB-list.


Applications for inclusion on the VIHB list

 are handled by NIWO, the licensing authority for road transport in the Netherlands. VIHB is the abbreviation of Vervoerder (Transporter), Inzamelaar (Collector), Handelaar (Dealer), and Bemiddelaar (Broker).


Website for registration: VIHB registratie (niwo.nl)

Annex VII

Use the Annex VII document for the transfer of green list waste for recovery (information obligation).


Example: Download Here 



MM Metal Recycling takes delivery of your e-scrap and then inspects and analyses it.

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Process from delivery to payment

There are just 1.5 months between the moment you deliver your e-scrap and the moment you rec...

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Copper Scraps

We can also process your non-ferrous waste and metals and copper scrap.

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