We receive, inspect and sample your e-scrap. Sustainably and quickly.

MM Metal Recycling takes delivery of your e-scrap and then inspects and analyses it.

We analyse and sustainably process your e-scrap. As one of the few, we not only process e-scrap, but also extract the precious metals from it. We then use a CO2-neutral method to smelt them into reusable materials. In this way these valuable raw materials get a new lease of life. And so together we help to create a circular economy, reduce the ecological impact of ourselves and others and encourage a more sustainable world.

If you have any e-scrap, please feel free to contact us for:

→ Delivery
→ Inspection
→ Analysis of precious metals
→ Processing bulk e-scrap

What is e-scrap?

Discarded circuit boards from household devices, PCs, mobile telephones, network equipment and other electronic goods. All the above is regarded as e-scrap, or electronic waste. A lot of this discarded material contains high concentrations of valuable metals, such as gold, silver, copper and palladium.

Your e-scrap can earn you money

We extract the precious metals. In this way your e-scrap is not discarded as worthless material, but instead can earn you money. In addition, you will be helping to create a circular economy.

The unique Mitsubishi process for smelting e-scrap

At MM Metal Recycling B.V. in Moerdijk we receive, inspect and sample your e-scrap. We then transport the samples to our lab in Japan. There we also smelt down your bulk e-scrap. The unique Mitsubishi smelting process is a closed system and therefore CO2 neutral.

→ The gases released do not end up into the atmosphere.
→ We collect them and then wash, cool and scrub them to form reusable industrial gas.
→ We process the remaining residue in an environmentally friendly way. It can be added to cement or plaster products for use in the construction industry.
→ We use the heat released to generate our own electricity and to heat nearby clean water reservoirs.

Speed, transparency and CO2-neutral. Read here about how our processes can help your operations.