MM Metal Recycling weighs, inspects and samples E-Scrap from discarded materials, also known as urban mining.

What we do

MM Metal Recycling, part of the Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, receives, weighs, inspects and samples materials from E-Scrap before sending it to the Naoshima Smelter and Refinery for further analysis and, ultimately, processing using the Mitsubishi Process for continuous copper smelting. This unique technology for smelting precious metals has the lowest environmental impact in the industry.

What is E-Scrap

Discarded circuit boards from home appliances, personal computers, mobile phones, network equipment and other electronic devices are commonly referred to as E-Scrap. These items contain a high concentration of gold, silver, copper, palladium and other valuable metals, providing a source for a new supply of valuable smelting materials.

The amount of E-Scrap recovered is expected to increase in line with the higher recycling rates of home appliances and other items.