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Sustainability at MMMR

Sustainability is in our DNA. Our recycling activities do not just help your company to work sustainably. We also operate with an eye on making the world a better place. Curious about what we do? We have listed it for you.

New factory and office

Our new factory and office in Moerdijk were built in compliance with the requirements of the very latest Buildings Decree. In other words, using the most modern technology in relation to energy conservation and the environment. Our office has an A+++ energy label.

3,000 solar panels

We installed 3,000 solar panels on our buildings. They provide 40 percent of the electricity we consume.

Electric forklift trucks

Our industrial fleet is gradually becoming electric. First of all we said goodbye to our diesel forklift trucks. They were replaced by electric ones.

Even more solar panels

In order to keep pace with our growing workload, we built two new units. They are also going to be fitted with solar panels.

Hydrogen-powered shovels

In 2025 we also want to replace our shovels. This time with hydrogen-powered ones. This is going to be a joint project with our partners, JCB and Peinemann.

Electric terminal tractor

We are going to electrify our terminal tractors in cooperation with our logistical partner, Gans Cargo Operations.

Sustainability at Mitsubishi Materials Corporations

There is a good reason why we, as a company, place so much emphasis on being sustainable and environmentally friendly. That is, in fact, down to the way in which our Japanese parent company, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC), has already been working for 150 years. Mitsubishi Materials regards people, society and the environment as a high priority.

Not only is the smelting process in the factory in Japan CO2-neutral, Mitsubishi Materials Corporations is also fully committed to improving the environment, alongside its daily operations. An important aspect of this is the 14,000 hectares of woodland in Japan which MMC owns. The company's approach means it is able to contribute to achieving recycling objectives, improving quality of life and retaining biodiversity.


Contributing to a society which revolves around recycling

Every year, MMC produces around 10,000 m³ of wood. Wood is an excellent sustainable raw material. MMC packs and makes the wood available to society as raw material for a variety of uses, ranging from building materials to biomass fuel.

Contributing to the local community

Appropriate forestry management increases the quality of ecosystems. That immediately has a positive effect on local communities. Examples include protecting river basins, preventing soil loss and encouraging leisure pursuits. MMC's environmental forests on the periphery of urban areas are partially accessible to the local population.

Contributing to a low-carbon society

Forests retain large amounts of CO2. As one of the largest forest owners in Japan, MMC is committed to maintaining and improving forests so that they retain even more CO2.

Maintaining biodiversity

MMC's forests are home to a wide variety of wild animals. MMC manages the forests in such a way that the animals can live an undisturbed life. For example, the felling of forest strips in areas along rivers which serve as migration routes is prohibited. Trees are cut down in small areas which are spread out from each other so as not to harm the biodiversity.