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Digital insight into the status of your

Our digital platform MEX provides you with a constant insight into the processing of your e-scrap. It also enables you to have your e-scrap processed more quickly.

Work in your own way

You can use MEX to make a new booking at any time and any place and to monitor the status of your consignment. You can book a time slot for the delivery of your e-scrap very easily online. Once the delivery has taken place, you can stay up-to-date on progress via MEX.

Transparency from delivery to payment

MEX makes the process transparent for you from beginning to end.

→ From making a reservation

→ The confirmation of the checked weight.

→ The status of the samples.

→ Their analysis in Japan and the communication about the price of your e-scrap.

MEX stands for Mitsubishi Materials E-Scrap Exchange. It is a unique platform in the world of e-scrap recycling.